ADD 109300 - Add-Com Amplifier

ADD 01-9300 - Add-Com Amplifyer
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The ADDCOM Amplifier is designed for those who would like some control over their headset and is compatible with most telephones including those found in call centres and small/home offices. Along with receiving and transmission volume control, the ADDCOM Amplifier also has a headset/handset switch and mute switch.

  •  Easy to use Headset Amplifier

  •  Headset/handset switch

  •  Transmission volume control

  •  Receiving volume control

  •  Mute switch

  •  Battery low indicator

  •  Mute “On” indicator

  •  Powered by either batteries or DC Adaptor

  •  Polarity switching to ensure compatibility with most phone systems
 ADDCOM Range of headsets
 Most telephone systems

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