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Bundle includes 4x EIV small office phones, one extended Busy lamp module, one hour phone support ( if needed) and a free 2talk account

As part of the phone support we will also help you go through to process to move to VoIP and get you ported accross to 2talk


The EIV-Series Small Office IP Phone supports simple low-cost but very powerful VoIP phone systems for small offices. This Small Office solution has the benefit of not requiring iPBX or IP-KTS support. It can also link-up 16 IP phones together with an array of supplementary call features. When connecting to the outside via PSTN, it can operate with different IP-PBX settings, softswitch, IP-Centrex such as SIP-B), or via a SIP server.

With a sophisticated design, the proprietary Peer-to-Peer protocol is implemented to build the virtual IP-KTS environment and offer the switching mechanism with SIP protocol on the same phone. This approach reduces the outbound traffic and demand of more SIP accounts. Furthermore, it generates a higher level of communication security with all internal calls going through P2P channels avoiding any exposure to the Internet public network.

Sporting a sophisticated design with versatile features, the EIV Series Small Office VoIP phone system will increase your productivity with better return on your investment. Since it supports both Plug-and-play and Auto-provisioning, users can install the phone easily without the assistance of a technician or system installer. When connecting to the outside via PSTN, it can operate with different IP-PBX settings, soft-switch, IP-Centrex such as SIP-B), or via a SIP server. In addition, the Extended Dial Module (IP-EDM) is an optional function that extends its powerful programmable call/phone capability and it can perform more IP-PBX supplementary functions.

  • A superior cost-saving phone system without KTS/PBX box
  • Powerful Plug-and-play design offers easy installation
  • Support multiple SIP Trunks with excellent interoperability with Soft switch, IMS, IP Centrex, IPPBX and general SIP Server
  • Intelligent technologies with P2P and SIP protocol convergence
  • Quality voice and high performance data thru the phones
  • Auto-provisioning and Web management for ISP/ITSP carrier
  • Rich supplementary call services and phone features
  • Support multiple call/line appearance
  • Support Extended Dial Modula for BLF (optional)

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