E-GSM-A1 - GSM Access Point, connect to CO line of PBX, or Direct connection to SLT Phone

E-GSM-A1 - GSM Access Point, connect to CO line of PBX, or Di
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EZIBUYPONES.COM can now offer you a GSM Router for you to take advantage for the current market battle that is occurring between different network providers, you can benefit from real savings in conjunction with your PBX System.

Economy and Efficiency:- Use low call charge rates for mobile to mobile phone calls on your Business Phone System or a normal standard telephone

Risk Management:- Use GSM Routers as alternative external lines in situations where your normal network Lines could fail.

Easy Installation:-“Small & Compact” - The GSM Router Unit's small size takes little space for installation, simply plug in and insert your SIM card and the GSM Router is ready to go.

Easy Maintenance:- Solid-state design minimizes trouble and eliminates any periodic maintenance requirements

Call ID Generation:- Convert the GSM digital caller ID signal to the standard Caller ID signal to integrate with your Business System.

Intelligent Network Emulation:- The GSM Router simulates a normal network line to integrate with your Business System.

SMS – Short Message Service (Optional):- Send and receive Text Messages via The Message Console Software which comes free with the GSM Router.


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