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The Small, Flexible and Talented TransTel Lynx is the most powerful phone system in its class. It delivers virtually all of the advanced features expected from a larger system; enabling even the smallest business to access advanced telecommunication tools thus giving a competitive business advantage.

User friendly and affordable  –  the TransTel Lynx comes pre-programmed with simple ‘plug and play’ default data base, but can be easily customized to meet the specific needs of a more complex install.

The basic TransTel Lynx comes pre-configured with 3 outside (CO) Lines, 4 Digital Extensions complete with 4 X DK7-21 LCD Hands free phones and 4 Single Line Extension ports.

The Trantel Lynx comes standard with a 2 port (4 Hour) Voice Mail and has Faxability capability on all CO lines.

The standard TransTel Lynx can also be further expanded by another 2 CO Lines and 4 Single Line Extension ports giving a maximum of a 5/12 configuration.


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The TransTel Lynx comes packaged with four DK7-21 Digital Phones. The DK7-21 is simple in design but offers a  complete set of features and functions that are required in today’s business environment.

The DK7-21 Digital Key phone equips with maximum 10 programmable (CO, Extension, Functions and Speed Dial) keys with dual-color LEDs and 14 functional keys.

The DK7-21 series Digital Key phone can used at all Gx Series telephone systems and Hybrid IP Communication systems on a DK port interface.

As with all other DK series handsets the DK7-21 utilizes single pair wiring making deployment over existing installed cabling simple and painless.

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